How to use MDF

The MDF is a composite of pressed wood. It has a smooth finish and with a reduced cost, it is the common friend of the clients, when it comes to remodeling their homes. Used at the base of walls and columns, it is sometimes undervalued. As it has diverse applications it is really practical and versatile. Show a distinguished atmosphere with mdf skirting boards and enjoy good taste and elegance.

Uses of MDF

The MDF is used to create all kinds of furniture, which do not have a very high weight and are functional. The handmade furniture can also be created with this material. Although it is not recommended having it outside, they are excellent inside the home. It can be used to decorate, protect the door frames, the bases of the walls and columns. Help the theme of elegance in a home. It is very practical when it comes to taking care of the walls of the furniture.

MDF care

The sheets of MDF are quite strong and durable. However, it may be that water spills on one of the furniture or items and that with moisture is damaged, or that the moths are given a banquet with the furniture protectors. In these cases, since it cannot be repaired 100% effectively, it is better to replace the complete part; even so, with the low cost it is possible, and to prevent any inconvenience, the MDF can be varnished or sealed, and thus be able to keep it for much longer.


The sheets of MDF are perfect for interiors. In outdoor environments or in high humidity could swell and defibrate. It is not recommended in places with water, nor to be cleaned with liquids. It should be noted that unlike traditional MDF, there are sheets which are subjected to a waterproofing treatment, called MDF sheets Hydro-leaks.

When you want to add a more elegant finish, or more protection for walls and columns, the MDF is the perfect choice. It is also the perfect ally with those who like to accommodate their furniture every two to three. The mdf skirting boards is spectacular when it comes to remodeling your environment.